Competitive Swimming at its Best

About Us


To develop, promote, govern and lead the sport of swimming in the Auckland Region.


To provide a sustainable and first class swimming environment.


Our values surround:
  • High Quality Performance
  • Swimming Community focus
  • Fun and enjoyment
  • Professional standards


In 1890 the Auckland Swimming Club initiated the move to form the National Association (now called Swimming NZ).  Later, when regions, rather than clubs were to be affiliated directly to the national body, the ASA was formed in 1906.  The Auckland Swimming Association celebrated its Centenary in 2006 and proudly claims to have more of its members placed on national teams than any other region.


The Auckland Swimming Association (“ASA”) is responsible for the development and encouragement of competitive swimming throughout the Auckland Isthmus in the area of Auckland City north of the Tamaki Estuary  and as far north as Warkworth.

There are presently 15 clubs affiliated to ASA with a further three groups enjoying associated status.  The ASA provides leadership for the sport in its relationship with the Auckland Council, the Auckland Sports Coalition (ASC) and the Auckland Sports and Recreation Reference Group (ASRRG).  The top clubs in terms of participation and performance throughout New Zealand continue to come from the Auckland Region.  Our work is made possible through a large team of committed and dedicated volunteers who help in all aspects of the sport, as coaches, parents, technical officials in addition to our small team of support staff who strive towards achieving the associations objectives. This collective effort in the achievement of our goals makes Auckland the largest and most successful region out of the 16 regions within New Zealand.

The ASA is respected for the leadership it manifests throughout the sporting community of Auckland and also its close working relationship with related community groups in the Learn to Swim industry, watersafety, education and performance sport.

The events run and sponsored by Auckland Swimming are critical focal points for the sport throughout New Zealand and our Pacific neighbours.  In any one year these events attract the participation of thousands of athletes and regularly witness outstanding record breaking performances.