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Constitution and Regulations

Like all Incorporated Societies, Auckland Swimming is governed by Rules and Regulations

The Auckland Swimming Constitution which was updated and accepted by members at the Special General Meeting held on 04 December, 2014 outlines the powers, objects, governance & management, responsibilities and obligations of Auckland Swimming. This document is Auckland Swimming's set of Rules.

Click here to read the Constitution updated 4th December 2014

Constitution August 2011 cover

The Auckland Swimming Regulations updated 21 June 2007 relates specifically to the rules and conditions governing the running of interclub and Auckland Championship Meets, Auckland representative teams, Records, Trophies & Awards.

Click here to read the Regulations updated 3rd August 2009

Regulations Cover

June 2013:

Along with all regions the ASA was invited to make submissions on the subject of the proposed uniform regional constitution.  This submission is found here.  It reflects a collaborated work from a working group comprising representatives as nominated from the ASA Board, Clubs, individuals with special expertise in critical areas and the Executive Officer.  The document comprises three parts and contains:

1.   The submission itself.

2.   A marked up copy of the Proposed Regional Constitution with notes. Please note that this is very much a working document.

3.   The submission made by the ASA in July 2012 on the subject of the then proposed SNZ Constitution which was adopted at the SNZ SGM in July 2012.  This document is relevant in as much as it is referred to and quoted in the June 2013 Submission relating to the Proposed Regional Constitution.


Click here to read the Submission dated 12th June 2013.