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This document covers the following ages.



Open - 9 and Under - 10 Years - 11 Years - 12 Years - 13 Years - 14 Years - 15 Years


16 Years - 17 Years - 18 Years.



NOTE: Age criteria for Auckland Records is as follows


Up to 30.9.78 AGE as at 1 October in season of competition

1.10.78 - 30.6.89 AGE as at 1 January in year of competition

from 1.7.89 AGE as at day of competition


YEARLY AGE GRADE RECORDS were introduced 12.9.97

Regardless of the age of the swimmers when the old records were set


The former under/16 under/14 under/12 under/10 records

became the 15yrs 13yrs 11yrs 9/under records


New grades 14yrs 12yrs 10yrs

Revised standards were adopted in 1999


New grades 18yrs 17yrs 16yrs

researched standards were used, except where the current Open record holders also qualified, by their age on the date of performance, to hold one of the above.


Noted beside the standards are the names of the swimmers whose times have been used as standards, and the year in which these times were recorded.


One decimal records - Registered prior to two decimals being recognised.


A time listed as 1.19.7 - needs a time of 1.19.69 to better it

A new time of 1.19.77 - would be shown as equalling

A later time of 1.19.72 - would replace the 1.19.77 as equalling