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Applying for Auckland Records

                 The Onus is on YOU to make application to have your

record-breaking performance ratified.

             ** Know what the records ARE -  for your events

             ** If you even think you have bettered one - make an application

             ** You have ten days to lodge the application, for an Auckland 
                  Record. The reason for the time limit is, that the same record could
                  be broken more than once within a short period

             ** You or your agent (- that can be the coach, parent, team manager)
                  must use the Auckland Association’s record application form

             ** If you break an Auckland record out-of-town, then forms need to
                  be taken with you.  The reason is that the forms need to be signed
                  by the officials on duty  for your race.  The officials have to be
                  qualified to  AND  attached to the form,  must be a copy of the
                  deck-card, timekeepers slip or other data which show the
                  swimmer’s name, event, lane, time  etc

             ** The ASA Registrar must have all the data and the form

                                WITHIN TEN DAYS OF THE SWIM

MAKE SURE -  don’t leave it to someone else.

New Zealand Record applications are the responsibility of the host of the meeting to make the application - but it pays to check that this has been done on your behalf.

“In no case will any application ( for a NZ record) be considered after 21 days.”

Note:  It is “after 10 days for an Auckland record.”

ASK for information, if you want to make a special attempt on a record.

Special conditions apply. 


There is   nothing    AUTOMATIC    about having records recognised.